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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Playground Sessions only for beginners?

Playground Sessions is a great tool for any level of musician; whether you've never touched a piano or keyboard before, or are very experienced and looking for fresh arrangements. Playground can also be used to supplement lessons you're already taking, strengthening your abilities and developing vital skills like playing by ear. Because everyone has varying degrees experience and music understanding, our lessons are arranged at three levels of difficulty - Rookie, Intermediate and Advanced. We realize that categorizing everyone into only three skill levels is still too general so within each lesson we also grade each song as easy, moderate or hard.

Do I have to be on a computer, and online to use Playground Sessions?

Playground Sessions is a cross-platform downloadable software application designed for the PC and Mac. An Internet connection is needed to download the application and get you started. An Internet connection is also needed to download Song and Bootcamp lessons; as well as to use the social features such as posting scores to Facebook and Twitter, and seeing the live leaderboard. However, you do not need to be online to use the core application once a song or Bootcamp lesson has been downloaded. In addition to being able to play songs offline, no Internet connection is needed for personal scoring and progress visualization.

Can I use Playground Sessions with an Acoustic Piano, or do I need a keyboard?

Playground Sessions can be used with a piano or a keyboard. Playground's primary assets are its video content in both song lessons and Bootcamp lessons, David's arrangements at different skill levels, and the on-screen displayed notation to help you learn to play. You do not need a keyboard to access this content, only a computer. A keyboard with a USB or midi connection will allow you to get instant feedback from the software as you play, as well as giving you the ability to record yourself playing. After each song, you will receive an accuracy score on how well you performed. An acoustic piano without a USB or midi connection does not have these interactive capabilities.

Can I use Playground Sessions if I am not in the U.S. or English speaking?

Playground Sessions will be available to download all over the world. David Sides, your teacher in the video tutorials, speaks in English but uses simple language accessible enough for anyone whose secondary language is English. The displayed notation is universal and will also help you get through the lessons.

What are the system requirements?

Playground Sessions works on both the MAC and PC. Go to Support in the top navigation to get the minimum requirements needed to operate the application.

What do I do if my keyboard isn't connecting?

If your keyboard isn't connecting, unplug it from your computer and shut down Playground Sessions. Then plug your keyboard back into your computer while the keyboard is turned off. Then turn on the keyboard and re-launch Playground. If you still don't see your keyboard listed, then you most likely need to download the driver specific to your keyboard make and model. Many keyboards require a driver to be downloaded to your computer to enable the midi functionality. This is a requirement of the keyboard manufacturers, such as Yamaha, and not a Playground Sessions requirement. Please visit your keyboard manufactures website for the latest downloadable driver. When on the manufacturers website, search your keyboard model and the word driver or downloads to get it.

Can I suggest songs I want to learn?

Absolutely, we appreciate the feedback. You can suggest songs you want to learn by going to

How often will new Song Lessons or Bootcamp Lessons be added to the application?

We will regularly be producing new song lessons and Bootcamp lessons to keep our library current and to produce the songs our users have requested. Our goal is to produce new video tutorials every few months and songs without videos on a weekly basis.

Can I print out sheet music?

You can print up to 3 times any song that you download from Playground. You can even download songs that you only want to print instead of playing within the application.

Why is my download so slow?

Download time depends on your Internet connection, the stronger the connection the shorter the download time. A broadband or DSL connection is typically faster than wireless. A song download can take anywhere between ten minutes to a few hours.

I am experiencing latency, a delay between when I push a key and when I hear and see it played. What do I do about that?

First please confirm your computer specs meet our system requirements. Go to Support in the main navigation. If you are using Windows XP, do the following:

  • Go to User Settings under the Configuration dropdown
  • Select piano setup
  • Select ASIO instead of Direct Sound under Device Settings.
  • Depending on your setup you may have to download ASIO separately and then select it.
What do I get with a Playground Sessions membership?

With a Playground Sessions membership, you get access to our full software platform and our community. This includes practice scoring, progress visualization, badges, leaderboards, and integration with Facebook and Twitter. You also receive all of our 30+ Bootcamp interactive lessons for free, covering topics like Notation, Playing By Ear, Keyboard Skills and Rhythm (a $220 value!).

On top of that, you'll also receive major discounts (up to 60%!) on individual song video tutorials, interactive sheet music, and printable sheet music. See membership page for exact price discounts.

Can I cancel at any time?

Playground Sessions does not have a free trial of its software because we need to pay artists and songwriters fairly for the music we license. However, if you have a bad experience with Playground Sessions, and notify us within 30 days of purchasing your membership, we will refund your money.

What's the difference between being a member and a non-member?

Non-members still get access to our unique interactive sheet music renderer. However, joining the Playground community and major features such as scoring, progress visualization, badging, and inviting friends are not accessible to non-members. Non-members can buy our Bootcamp lessons a la carte in the application (total cost $220 which are free for members) and must pay full price for all song lessons and sheet music - members receive up to 60% discounts on arrangements.

A membership is definitely the best value if you're just starting out or looking to brush up on your skills. Plus, you can join the community and get full access to the platform. Even if you're already a piano player and looking just for access to our great arrangements and interactive sheet music, you may want to consider a membership because of the great savings in the music store.

How much does a Playground Sessions membership cost?

A Playground Sessions membership costs $9.99/month for 12 months (billed annually) or $14.99/month for 3 months (billed quarterly). As part of this price, you get full access to the Playground software and community, all Bootcamp lessons for free, and major discounts on songs and sheet music.

Non-members can buy Bootcamp lesson packages a la carte (prices range from $39-89) and individual song lessons and sheet music for full price ($4.49-$14.99).

Software upgrades will be free for both members and non-members. When new versions are available you'll be prompted within the application to upgrade.

How can I use Playground Sessions to interact with my friends?

We believe practicing with friends makes the process more enjoyable. Playground lets you create a network with other users around the world to support, collaborate, or to compete. Once you feel good about how you're playing, Playground's built-in features make it super easy to broadcast your performance on Facebook, or tweet your badges and scores to your network.

Within the application there is also a customizable leaderboard that displays the highest scores of individuals for the community to see.

How are Scores calculated?

As you practice, perform, and learn inside Playground Sessions, you earn Playground Points. Playground Points are earned in three ways: by spending time actively learning in the application, by improving your accuracy in practice mode, and by performing an entire song in performance mode.

When you perform a song, you will get a Song Score based on your accuracy, plus you will receive bonus points for long stretches played without any mistakes. You can compare your Song Scores with your friends’ scores, and see who can achieve the highest. Within the application there is also a eaderboard that displays the highest scores of individuals for the community to see.

How do I earn Badges?

There are all sort of different ways to earn Playground badges - the best way to find out is to jump in! Some of ways you can add to your badge collection include spending time practicing, improving your accuracy, advancing to new levels, getting 5 stars on songs in performance mode, mastering section of a song with either your right hand, left hand or both hands...and much much more!

How do I report bugs/errors or make suggestions to improve the product?

To report a bug or make a suggestions please send an email to

Is it okay to use Playground Sessions on more than one computer?

Right now your license will enable you to install Playground on two computers.

How many license keys do I get, and how many users can I create per license key?

You will receive one license key for which you can create one user.

I can't remember my username/password. How do I sign in?

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset it on our website.

What kind and size of a keyboard do I need?

Any keyboard that has a USB or midi connection will work with Playground Sessions. The majority of keyboards, both those that have speakers built in and those that need to be connected to a computer or external synthesizer, will have either a USB or midi connection.

Go to About on our website and select Keyboard Information to learn more about keyboards for Playground.