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“Best self taught piano teaching software out there! I have been struggling for 2 years trying to learn piano on my own, and I was getting nowhere. Playground Sessions was a breath of fresh air in that it takes a whole new approach on teaching piano. The videos, the practice sessions, the play along, the notation.... everything has played a vital role in my ability to play piano, and I can proudly say now that I am a piano player!”

Chad Osinksi, Ohio

“I have tried everything to learn piano, from YouTube videos to personal lessons. I was becoming very discouraged since I could not seem to grasp the piano. Since I started using Playground Sessions, I have been able to learn to play many songs varying in difficulty. The setup of playground sessions is flawless and makes learning easy and intuitive. If I could learn to play piano from Playground Sessions, I am sure you will be able to as well. It is a GREAT system and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Ben Diehl, Maryland

I am a violinist and have been wanting to make arrangements and renditions to upload to YouTube. Even though I could play the violin well, my piano skills were not good enough. Since I didn't have the time to take piano lessons: I started looking online for piano teaching software. I downloaded the non-member version, and within a half hour I bought a membership.

Chaim Hanstater, Antwerp Belgium

I think what I like most about the bootcamp lessons is that they are interactive because it really gives meaning to the concept of "Play to Learn." It is pretty cool that when I am learning about Triads, Scales, or Inversions I get to follow along and create the triads on my piano, or follow along with creating the minor or major scale, or play each inversion of each chord. The hands on experience with the Bootcamp Lessons makes playing the piano a lot more fun and allows me to learn a lot quicker.

Robert Bisquera, Santa Barbara, Ca

I first came across David sides in the summer of 2010 surfing youtube listening to piano covers and shortly after I stumbled upon the Playground Sessions facebook page (they only had 200 likes) and also signed up for the newsletter. I went out and bought a yamaha p85 and waited ....waited ...!! Then to my amazement I got an email asking me to be apart of the beta testing.... I started off in the boot camp section going through all the lessons and then tried the songs....I learned Because of you by Neyo in 3 weeks and my next song was Halo by Beyonce in 2 days...now I am confident enough to tackle the advanced arrangements and all this from scratch....I didn't even know what middle C was before I started with the Playgroundsessions!! To anyone that wants to learn fast with songs they know and love not to mention on their own time and pace this is a must have!

Jay Marks, Ontario Canada

I have to admit I am not a rookie player because I have some experience in childhood. I have played lots of Beethoven and Chopin. However, I didn’t know how to play a “proper” birthday song and I had no idea how to cover any pop song. It was very frustrating and why I decided to quit playing piano as a child. As an adult, I found that Playground Sessions proposed a new “play by ear” approach to learn music. It works on piano, but the ideas can be applied to any instrument. This was exactly what I needed to light up my passion for playing music again. Playground is the best platform to learn piano especially for rookies.

Tianli Wang, Taiwan

Everything about Playground Sessions is an advantage! Playground Sessions isn’t just useful, it’s FUN!! It’s like a Game!! How should I describe Playground Sessions in one word? "Great!" I started about three years ago with playing the piano. I learned songs from Youtube. There I saw David Sides and learned about Playground Sessions. Three years passed and my piano skills are improved now. PGS offers you the opportunity to take the lessons any time you want. You just have to start your computer and open PGS, and there you go! So you don't have to go to piano lessons with your boring teacher, or do boring theory or to play boring songs. You can play in your room without disturbing others, and play the songs that you want to learn.

Lloyd Geway, Holland

“I would completely recommend Playground Sessions to anyone interested in learning piano from scratch, it will show you quite a few ways around the keyboard and will give you a better understanding about music, and this can be applied to analyzing any song so that you can eventually create all of your own covers! The intricate scoring system is a perfect and encouraging gauge to see and analyze progress. This program has literally become a part of my daily schedule, and once I start I always lose track of time!”

Oscar Fowler, Texas

"One of the first things that hooked me while opening Playground Sessions was the diversity of the content. The bootcamps are rich and so well explained. It actually contains all the bases you will learn in a music theory school (academy). So Playground Sessions will allow you to learn playing the keys with the theory, and with fun!"

Sebastian Wery, Brussels

“I am a 15 year old pianist (advanced). As more of a pianist who learns music by ear, I was skeptical as I thought I would be sleeping through the lessons, but with different difficulties, Playground Sessions is a must for every pianist. With a library full of different styles of songs, sitting side-by-side with David Sides and learning your favorite song is as simple as buying an iTunes song.”

Jorge Richardson, Maryland

“I realized after only a few minutes that Playground Sessions is the best technique to teach piano. I assure you this is the way to study piano and the program is done by professionals. You can learn about keys, rhythm, notation, play by ear and more, from beginner to advanced. I can tell you, they know what they are doing.”

Vili Grasic, Slovenia

"I am so thankful to Playground Sessions for generously giving their software to the residents at Phoenix House Lake View Terrace. It allows students of our recording studio to learn how to play piano at their own pace; while teaching notation, ear training and basic rhythm. Not to mention they can play along with some of their favorite songs. The studios are such an important tool in these residents' recovery. Playground sessions gives them another outlet for their healing while helping them grow as musicians."

- Kara DioGuardi

Former judge of American Idol

"I play the guitar and drums but not the piano. I would love to learn piano and this is a great way to do it... This is pretty amazing."

- Nick Carter

Backstreet Boy plays with Playground at Grammy Celebrity basketball game.

"Love this, this is so cool.. Why hasn't this been done before?"

- Josh Hutcherson

Star of the Hunger Games enjoying Playground Sessions