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Keyboard Bundles ┬╗ Yamaha P-45

Yamaha P-45 Bundle

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Excellent grand piano sound and feel.
This keyboard bundle has everything you need!
  • 88 Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys provide realistic acoustic piano feel
  • Detailed, full-stereo AWM sampling provides deeply rich grand piano sound
  • AWM sampling and built-in speaker system for realistic grand piano sound
  • Dual Mode lets you combine two Voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience.
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Audio Technica ATHT300 Dynamic Monitor Headphone
  • On Stage KSP100 Universal Sustain Keyboard Pedal
  • Power Chord
  • USB cable

Monthly Subscription With Keyboard Bundle

  • Keyboard Bundle: $593.94
  • PS Monthly Price: $17.99
  • Total List: $611.93
  • New Price: $469.99
  • Savings: $141.94 (23 %)
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Annual Subscription With Keyboard Bundle

  • Keyboard Bundle: $593.94
  • PS Annual Price: $119.88
  • Total List: $713.82
  • New Price: $569.99
  • Savings: $143.83 (20 %)
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Lifetime Subscription With Keyboard Bundle

  • Keyboard Bundle: $593.94
  • PS Lifetime Price: $329.99
  • Total List: $923.93
  • New Price: $669.99
  • Savings: $253.94 (27 %)
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Keyboard Description

If you're after excellent grand piano sound with great feel on a budget, then you really can't argue with the Yamaha P-45 digital piano. This portable piano combines Yamaha's acclaimed Graded Hammer Standard keybed with their time-tested AWM stereo sound engine, delivering the natural feel and sound that Yamaha piano players have trusted for years. Between its compact frame, its USB/MIDI connectivity, and it's onboard performance features, your P-45 will serve you well at home, in the studio, and onstage.

Looking for the feel of a real concert grand piano? From the first time your fingers tickle the ivories on the P-45, you'll know why Yamaha digital pianos are known far and wide for having some of the best-feeling keys on the market. That's because the P-45 sport's Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard keybed. This fully weighted keybed provides you with light response in the upper register and progressively heavier action the lower you play - just like the keys of an acoustic piano.

The P-45 digital piano has 10 voices, 88 weighted keys, and features that are ideal for the needs of the beginner to advanced piano player.

Yamaha's classic sound engine, AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling uses digital technology to record the sound of an acoustic piano. AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious sound by using pairs of waveforms (L and R) captured with two microphones. The P-45 uses AWM to play one sample per key at varying levels of volume and timbre.

A compact and lightweight design makes the P-45 easy to get around. Slim and stylish form with a depth of less than 12 inches, the P-45 requires little space. At only 25 lbs. with a built-in sound system, it can be easily moved anywhere in your home or even used for performance outside.

In addition to the P-45, this Playground Sessions bundle includes Audio Technica ATHT300 Dynamic Monitor Headphone, an On Stage KSP100 Universal Sustain Keyboard Pedal, a Power Chord, and a USB cable to connect to Playground Sessions on your computer or iPad.

Lifetime Membership / Subscription Details

The included membership/subscription is 100% transferable. After your purchase is completed, you will be given a digital gift code for the subscription/membership which you can then either gift to a friend or family member or redeem yourself for your own account. Keyboards take time to ship, so you are also able to wait until you receive the keyboard before activating your subscription's start date.