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Music Offerings

Video Bootcamp Lessons
Video Bootcamp Lessons - Free with Membership (a $220 value)

Develop your piano skills with our Bootcamp’s easy-to-follow video tutorials. Whether we’re going deep into music theory or just simply walking you through the skills you’ll need to navigate the keyboard so you can play well and confidently, this is the place to be. Get over 30 HD video tutorials covering Keyboard Skills, Notation, Playing By Ear and Rhythm. We’re continually adding more content to the Bootcamp library. All lessons, current and future, come free with a membership.

Song Video Tutorials
Song Video Tutorials - Save 60% with Membership

Learn to play a song you love with David Sides guiding you step-by-step through our interactive HD video tutorials. Our tutorials are available for all levels - Rookie, Intermediate, and Advanced. Interactive sheet music, accompaniments, and printable sheet music are all included when you buy a video tutorial.

You will need a MIDI keyboard to use the interactive features, but even if you don’t have one you can take advantage of the video tutorial and printed sheet music.

Interactive Sheet Music
Interactive Sheet Music - Save 50% with Membership

After you install our software and plug in your MIDI keyboard, you’ll be able to use our groundbreaking interactive sheet music. Every note you play is highlighted, tracked, and reported back to you with our accuracy scoring system. All interactive sheet music is also available to print for free.

You will need a midi keyboard to use the interactive features.

Printed Sheet Music
Printed Sheet Music - Save 33% with Membership

Print sheet music directly from our website or from the Playground Sessions application at any time.

Accompaniments - Free with Membership

Many of the songs in Playground Sessions have fully orchestrated accompaniments to make playing more fun. Each accompaniment includes guitar, bass, drums, and additional instrumentation, with you leading the melody.

Accompaniments are included for free when you buy a video tutorial.