Flipping The Traditional Way Of Learning On Its Head

Imagine if you started playing songs you know and love, you got real-time feedback with every note played, you had a cool music teacher, you had scores to beat and could see your progress, and you could share your performances and compete against your friends. Now you can!

  • Co-created by music legend Quincy Jones
  • Hours of interactive video tutorials
  • Play popular songs you know and love
  • Real-time feedback, scores and social features
  • Rookie, Intermediate and Advanced levels

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Introducing Play To Learn™

More than 90% of the world would love to play a music instrument, but fewer than 7% of us express ourselves musically. Many are deterred from learning an instrument because the traditional methods are not compatible with modern schedules, interests, and learning needs. Our mission is to use technology to create an unconventional, fun, and convenient way to learn the piano and keyboard and transform passive consumers into active contributors of music.

For most of us, learning the “traditional” way (practicing scales, learning antiquated songs, processing music theory, and playing more scales) just doesn’t work; nor should it. Playground Sessions’ Play To Learn™ Methodology is a refreshing approach - no longer do we have to try so hard to learn to play piano; we can finally just play to learn.

As you might expect, Play To Learn™ is all about playing: Playing songs you know and love. Playing them right away. And playing that’s fun. If you’ve never touched a keyboard before, you’re in the right place!

Can practice be fun? Yes! Have you ever noticed how quickly you learn the words to a song you love? If you think about it, every time you hear the song you’re practicing. That’s the inspiration behind how we built Playground Sessions. Playground builds on the natural musical foundation you already have, teaching you to play the piano using popular songs you know and love.

Playground combines elements of gaming, such as real-time feedback and scoring, with modern learning techniques and social features to create an engaging environment where you learn faster and have more fun in the process. Video tutorials led by the famous David Sides, and instant feedback from the software give you the best of private lessons at a fraction of the price.

Co-created by Music Legend Quincy Jones, Playground Sessions is adaptable for all levels, Rookie, Intermediate and Advanced. Playground uses levels to ease you into the learning experience. You can learn a song at any of the following three levels of difficulty - Rookie, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Playground Sessions was co-created by music legend Quincy Jones.

The Play To Learn™ Methodology was developed by music professors Alex Ness and Dr. Byron Adams along with the legendary Quincy Jones and widely acclaimed pianist David Sides, and consultation from NYU’s highly esteemed Games For Learning Institute.